Braxton Cook Cherishes The Strength Of His Love With 'The Same'

Photo Credit: Braxton Cook/YouTube

Multitalented artist Braxton Cook has made a lot of significant changes over the years. Not only did he relocate from the East Coast to the sunny streets of Los Angeles, he and his wife also welcomed a bouncing baby boy last year. All that change is enough to inspire a song or fifteen and it looks like it's done so for Braxton. We happily premiered his single "Gold" last year and now he's back with his latest track "The Same."

"The Same," which also features horn playing from trumpeter Marquis Hill, is a moody, romantic groove that melds an R&B swagger with Braxton's jazz sensibilities. The lush arrangement is even more personal thanks to the song's heartfelt lyrics as he highlights the differences between he and his better half while emphasizing the strength of their love.

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"We're not the same / It's not so easy being this way / Now I complain / And you love me either way," he sings. "Because your love, your love / Remains the same."

The song's sentiment is even more fully realized in the song's video. In it, Braxton invites us into his life as we watch the interactions between him and his wife. Though she appears pregnant through most of the clip, we get a bit of a fast forward near the video's end through personal home videos. We not only see their pregnancy, but we also get to behold their son and the precious moments that the new parents get to share with the adorable newborn.

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The artist has teased that more music will be coming our way soon on his socials. "This new music will serve to bring everyone up to speed on everything I’ve experienced over the past couple of years and I’m excited to share it," he wrote on Instagram. "I appreciate all the [love], support and patience thus far! Just know I plan to release some special and personal music over the coming months and I have no intention of letting off the gas."

We're always here for new music from Braxton Cook, and we can't wait to see what he'll bring to the table next. Until then, enjoy a stream of "The Same" and its lovely music video below.

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