BeMyFiasco Celebrates A Quirky Kind Of Love In 'Outside The Lines' With Little Brother

Photo Credit: #FEMusic/YouTube

BeMyFiasco has been making waves with her debut album Where I Left You, with many R&B lovers and her peers singing her praises. She's also been coming with it on the visual side with clips for singles "Bad Dream" and "2 Car Garage" that have showcased both her talent and her bubbly personality. Now the singer returns to our screens with the video for her track "Outside The Lines."

The clip focuses on BeMyFiasco and her beau as they stroll into a party with their love on full display. The shindig was wack before they arrived, with the attendees simply sitting around and being boring. The twosome manages to liven up every room that they enter as their quirky kind of love manages to bring everyone else to life.

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As they make their way through the house, party guests Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh of Little Brother manage to spit their rhymes while enjoying a bit of cake and engaging in a few party games. But the real fun comes when the lights go out. That's when everyone starts dancing (and we're assuming the brown liquor starts flowing) as a good time is had by all.

We're loving that BeMyFiasco shows us a goofy, fun-loving side of love that rarely gets romanticized. Yes, the sexy and glamourous times are great, but the goofy and loving moments are where you truly get to see the bond between two people. See what we mean when you watch the video for "Outside The Lines" below.

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