Ambré Takes Some Time To Reflect Before Committing In 'Wild Life...'

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GRAMMY Award-winning singer-songwriter Ambré is a proud native of New Orleans, and with her new project 3000o, she wants her fans to be aware of that great city’s rich history and family traditions that influenced her and her music. One of the most compelling songs on the EP is “Wild Life...,” and she's unveiled a music video to accompany the track. 

On “Wild Life...,” Ambré tries to communicate her complex feelings about a relationship. She recounts the struggle she has gone through internally as she contemplates whether to go all in. Ambré laments from the first verse, "I was in this situation / Every night a new lituation / Every convo is the same / You just trying to get situated / Oh, you from Vegas / Do you live a wild life? / I’m in my zone / Come be in my time." 

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Ambré’s soothing vocals float over a slow tempo, led by a tight bassline and subtle drumbeat and complemented by well-arranged background vocals. She acknowledges that her initial concerns about her boo may not be justified, as she self-reflects that she could be part of the problem in verse two. "I was a youngin’ not turnt down / Now I grew’d up / I talk nice to it, pay my respects / I call you wild but it’s really me acting out / Projecting like a cinema / Projecting, I’m making a movie yeah," she sings. 

The “Wild Life...” video directed by Child Studios presents a slice of Ambré’s NOLA life, and it's the first visual from 3000o. The clip opens with grainy footage of a traditional, colorful New Orleans parade making its way through a neighborhood complete with elaborate costumes, dancing in the streets and people playing musical instruments. 

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We see numerous scenes of Ambré’s family and friends in between scenes of her spending time and sharing tender moments with her special lady. The most stunning scene is of the couple caressing each other in a small boat filled with colorful flowers and foliage afloat on a river. 

Although she has been primarily known for her songwriting, which earned her a GRAMMY, it is Ambré’s time to be out front and shine with her new project 3000o. Check out the audio and video for “Wild Life...” below and don't sleep on 3000o, which features Masego, BEAM, JVCK JAMES, Destin Conrad and Jay Electronica.  

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