Yuna’s Latest Era Reaches Its Second Chapter With ‘Y2’

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Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna made a promise to fans that she would be releasing her new music as EPs in the lead-up to her upcoming album Y5. She made good on that promise when she dropped the first EP, Y1, in March. Now she’s continuing to keep up her end of the bargain with the release of her three-song EP Y2.

While this EP is a song shorter than the previous installment, the singer packs in quality in the small quantity of tracks. This particular EP deals with the coming out of heartbreak and is sequenced as such. The first track “Girl U Used To Know” deals directly with the aftermath of a breakup as the singer lets her vindictive side show while trying to prove that she’s over her ex.

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“Distance / That’s what you wanted / I want vengeance / I know our love is dead / You casually / With someone in bed,” she sings on the opening verse over haunting synths. “Meanwhile I’m out here tryna prove that I’m OK / I don’t stay out this late / But I know that you be looking through my stories.”

With that bit off her chest, Yuna moves into the crying phase as looped piano and guitar flourishes reflect her sad state. Her vengeful side has dissolved into tears, with her remarking that her eyes are red enough to see them behind her shades. “24 hours / Yeah I’m coming out of covers / Crying over what was ours / Boy, you know you got that power.”

Don’t worry about our girl, though. By the time the airy synth groove of the third and final track “Make A Move” starts playing, she’s already got her eye on someone else. The song’s mellow knock finds her plotting on how she’s going to strike up a conversation with someone new. “Can’t wait any longer / Could be too late / I gotta make my move on you,” she coos with directness as airy chords envelop her feather-soft delivery.

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Y2 builds on the promise of Y1 quite effectively while also sounding like it will also pair well with the previous installment. We hope this is an omen of what’s to come over the next few projects before Y5‘s expected fall release.

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