THEY. Are Looking For Love More Than Once In A 'Blü Moon'

Photo Credit: THEY./YouTube

We last heard from THEY. back in 2020 when they dropped of The Amanda Tape and their single "Count Me In." Since then, their camp got quiet as it regrouped for what they were bringing next. We now know what this is as the duo comes back just in time for summer with new music with their new track "Blü Moon."

Usually songs coming out around this time have a little bop to them. THEY. shirk that tradition, though, by delivering a smooth ballad about making someday tonight. The song has a slow, steady groove that gives plenty of lovely vibes. Meanwhile, the lyrics speak to a particular romantic situation.

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"Think you callеd me on a blue moon / Girl like you they don't do no such thing as too soon / I been tryin' not to move the way I used to / Something 'bout the way you move, I could get used to," vocalist Drew Love sings on the chorus. Meanwhile, the verses tell the story of lovers who are at a familiar junction, though it seems that some action might finally happen between them.

The song's video uses that situation as a jumping off point for the premise. We see the duo picking up a gorgeous hitchhiker on the side, which leads them to a bit of adventure. While Drew sings, producer Dante Jones finds himself the subject of her flirtations. It all pays off wen she leads time to a blue-lit party with the potential of something more on the horizon. The video ends with a "to be continued" tag, so we already know that more will be popping off from them in the near future.

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Color us intrigued. And we get a sense that you are, too. Satisfy your curiosity by listen to "Blü Moon" and then watching its video below.

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