The Hics Give Voice To Heartbreak On 'Tell Me'

Photo Credit: The Hics/Spotify

After a nine-year hiatus, London duo The Hics are back. They released their second EP HARMINE earlier this month, and they've followed that up with a visual treatment for "Tell Me," one of the project’s standout tracks and its third single.

“Tell Me,” an emotive tale of heartbreak and regret, serves equal parts of both dramatic and dreamy energy. While vivid storytelling and passionate vocals may drive some listeners to a shot of brown liquor, others may find themselves in a more reflective state. The duo comprised of Roxane Barker and Sam Paul Evans plead for answers while accepting their part in the fall singing, “So tell me I was wrong for believing lies, for believing signs / Look at my wounds, they’re open apart / I’m crawling at your feet, and I know what’s got me in the state I’m in.”

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For the track's self-directed visual, the pair made use of their own abode and a mini digital video camera purchased during lockdown from a local charity shop. With the help of director Spike Silverton and editing by Samuel Shapiro, the grainy feature captures the melancholy and meditative mood of the track. Though things were kept relatively simple with footage of Roxane and Sam lying crown-to-crown the constant, experiments with lighting, texture and color add depth, mimicking the track’s temperament. 

Allow The Hics to enthrall you with the “Tell Me” audio and visual below. Their five-track EP HERMINE can be found on your choice of digital music platforms.

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