SoulBounce Exclusive World Premiere: J3 & Brandon Rose Bring Musical Healing With ‘Vibe Cleanse’

Photo Credit: Justin-Lee Schultz/YouTube

When George Benson (and later Whitney Houston) sang about believing the children are our future, we like to think a group like J3 was what they had in mind. The teenaged trio — consisting of siblings Justin-Lee Schultz and Jamie-Leigh Schultz and collaborator Jaden Baker — have chops well beyond their years, something that was showcased quite well on their debut album Opus 1 when it was released in April. With the project now out to the masses, J3 is now making their presence felt with the video for their song “Vibe Cleanse” and we’re exclusively bringing you its premiere.

“Vibe Cleanse” picks up on the vibe (sorry, couldn’t resist) of modern jazz musicians who incorporate their hip-hop influences into their work (think Robert Glasper or Derrick Hodge). To that effect, the threesome handles musical duties on the song while rapper Brandon Rose provides the rhymes as he talks about the rough couple of years that we’ve been through while offering a bit of hope for eventual change.

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The video has a collaborative feel to it, hinting at the way the song was created. “‘Vibe Cleanse’ was originally a social media challenge by Cory Wong and Jon Batiste, basically to create a simple beat/jam with your friends online,” Justin-Lee says of the song. “Myself and a friend did the challenge and then nominated Brandon Rose to do it. Brandon got together with Jamie and Jaden and they did the challenge.”

In that spirit, when we are seeing Brandon Rose and members of the group out in the hood on a beautiful, sunny day, we are shown images of each of the band members as they create in their home studio showing off their impressive skills with guitar and keyboard solos that could rival some of our faves.

If you’re looking for good vibes, you came to the right place. Watch the video for “Vibe Cleanse” when you press play.

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