SiR Returns To Bring Us Some 'Satisfaction'

Photo Credit: SiR/YouTube

SiR last thrilled us on the solo tip when he released his album Chasing Summer back in 2019. That set spawned several jams, including "John Redcorn" and "Hair Down," and had us bopping in the years since. We were just thinking it was about time for some newness from the singer-songwriter and now he's gone and delivered it with his brand-new single "Satisfaction."

"Satisfaction" finds SiR in his wheelhouse as he sings of a love that has a shelf life. A looped bluesy guitar lick and subtle drums act as the melody as he sets the scene and explains what things really are. "Love me today, need me tomorrow / Yeah, nah, this ain't nothin' new, just what we do," he sings. "Silly games we play, things we say / Can't keep our hearts from fallin' apart."

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He still feels regret about how things will eventually play though he knows how it'll all go down, singing on the the chorus, "This isn't as simple as satisfaction / I wish the future never happened / Oh, I wish I could stay in your arms."

The song's video finds a clever way to depict this unfortunate truth as we're treated to stylish depictions of SiR and several women. Each lady slides in and out of the picture with relative ease. While each woman gets her own special spotlight and screen time, the point that each love will eventually fade is driven home as the only common denominator on the screen is SiR himself.

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It's beginning to look like TDE is primed to take over the summer as we're set to get new music from Kendrick Lamar and SZA expected in the near future. Could SiR be throwing his name in the hat as well? We certainly hope so. Until he confirms, we guess you'll have to get your "Satisfaction" by listening to the song's stream and watching its video below.

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