Sidibe Is 'Tellin' U' How She Feels

Photo Credit: Andrea Smith

Sidibe is always a welcome breath of fresh air whenever she has a release. Fortunate for us, she's been rather active this year. She's already dropped off three new singles this year so far — "Help Yourself," "Diamond In The Desert" and "Go On Ahead." She's now back again with the release of yet another new single, the enchanting "Tellin' U."

Like the previous songs, "Tellin' U" once again finds Sidibe breathlessly romantic. Unlike those songs, however, the track has a little more pep in its step thanks to a slightly faster tempo and some skilled playing from bassist MonoNeon. These additions give the song a slightly funkier edge while still keeping the singer in sultry territory.

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She's still waxing romantic, though, as she lets her lover know exactly how she sees him. "I'm tellin' you / You're beautiful / That's what you are," she sings on the chorus. "You're so fly / With it / 'Cause you just get / Damn you're a star." She's not just gassing him up, either. She describes her love for him on the verses as she states that she wants to be around him whenever she can and how beautiful he looks in the moonlight.

We all love a good love song, and Sidibe consistently gives us one every single time. "Tellin' U" is no exception and will definitely makes it to your playlist after your first listen. Go ahead and start your infatuation with it when you press play.

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