Serayah Wants To Have Her Way With 'Revenge'

Photo Credit: Serayah/Instagram

Serayah and her star have continuously shined throughout 2022. The singer/actress is back on screens starring opposite Yolonda Adams in BET+'s gospel drama series Kingdom Business. She's also back in our ears thanks to her steamy new single "Revenge."

The singer, who released the single "P.O.V." at the top of the year, changes things up a bit with "Revenge." Based on the title, one would think the song is about getting back at a no-good ex. Instead, though, it's about Serayah causing a little bit of healthy chaos in order to lead up to mind-blowing makeup sex.

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"When I think about it / Chills take over my body / There's passion in the violence / That's why you always start s**t," she sings on the opening verse. "Break up to lay up, I know what you like / Act like a man 'cause it get you so high / This joyride give you the high of your life."

This (slightly toxic, if we're being honest) behavior is made more pleasurable thanks to a slow-burning groove crafted by producer C-Note that pulses throughout. The seductive groove and a few slick touches (like Serayah slightly interpolating the melody from Brandy's "Brokenhearted") keep this one interesting and worthy of a replay.

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"Revenge" is slated to be included on Serayah's debut album, though the singer hasn't slipped us the details about that project just yet. Until she's ready, listen to her exact her "Revenge" when you press play.

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