Savannah Cristina Taps Into Her 'Bad B***h Energy'

Photo Credit: Savannah Cristina/Instagram

Savannah Cristina has proven before that she's that chick with sultry tracks like her 2020 joint "Gold Mine" and creepin' jam "Sneaky Link." Sometimes, though, you have to give a reminder of exactly who you are. The rising singer shows us how it's done with her latest track "Bad B***h Energy."

"Bad B***h Energy" doesn't have the vibe that one would expect for a song with that title. Instead, the singer opts for a more subdued sound that seems to transport listeners to a jazzy lounge experience. Savannah plays chanteuse as she sings a song to herself and speaks truth to her power.

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"I spent so many nights / Sleepin' on me / But I finally realize / I'm all that I need," she sings on the opening verse. "I'm that girl / Been that chick / Never needed no one else / I been that b***h." The confidence she exudes on the track she finds not only through her physical appearance and prowess but also through her inner strength and beauty.

"Bad B***h Energy" is undeniably jazzy, with keys, bass and a sultry saxophone line adding to the experience as her vocals do most of the heavy lifting. Speaking of which, her voice is in fine form here, going from soft, lulling lows to a powerful mid-range delivery on the chorus while still making sure not to overpower the song's chill groove.

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Though she's talking about herself here, we think that anyone could benefit from a confidence boost like only Savannah Cristina can give. Come get yours when you press play below.

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