Sasha Keable & Jorja Smith Continue To Share Their Post-Breakup Pain On Acoustic Version Of 'Killing Me'

Photo Credit: Sasha Keable/Instagram

Breakups are never easy. Pouring your heart and soul into someone only for things to fall apart can leave one feeling lost. However, those who channel that pain into loving on themselves will often emerge as better partners as they eventually venture on to loving others again. British beauties Sasha Keable and Jorja Smith capture this sentiment on the acoustic rework of their single “Killing Me.”

Gut-wrenching guitar chords add an extra layer of sorrow to "Killing Me (acoustic)" as the ladies sing, “I need to be loved by myself / Before I'll love someone else / And that's not you / That's not you, anymore.” You feel every bit of pain and passion dripping from their voices on this stripped-down version. Though the original was released last fall and featured on Sasha’s 2021 EP Intermission, this updated take will be included on her upcoming Intermission Acoustic set.

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While “Killing Me” might help listeners maneuver through the aftermath of a broken relationship, it seems the track proved therapeutic for Sasha as well. She explains, “‎We wrote this 2 years ago, I was coming off the back of a bad breakup and me and J linked up with ‎our brother Benjamin Totten for a writing day, little did we know this masterpiece would come from it. ‎This song has healed me in more ways than you could ever know and now we're hoping that it can ‎heal a few of you too.”

Drawing the inspiration from Beyoncé and Shakira’s “Beautiful Liar,” the Olivia Rose-directed music video for the original depicts the ladies basking in the strength of themselves and each other. Fans are treated to a visual for the acoustic version as well, with grainy footage of Sasha and Jorja in the studio recording the solemn track, as well as behind-the-scenes captures from the original video.

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“I hope this song can do for you what it has done for me and Jorja, show us that loving yourself is the ‎most important thing you can do in life. I hope you love it as much as we do,” says Sasha.

Listen to Sasha Keable and Jorja Smith’s “Killing Me (acoustic)” then watch the video below. There's no word on when Intermission Acoustic will be released, but this track is the second single Keable has dropped from the forthcoming project following "Never Knew Love (acoustic)."

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