Ravyn Lenae Gives Us 'Xtasy' With An Assist From Kaytranada

Photo Credit: Ravyn Lenae/Facebook

It's almost time for Ravyn Lenae to deliver her album Hypnos to the masses. Before she goes and does that, though, she's giving us one more listen to her anticipated debut. And she's doing so in style, this time teaming up with producer Kaytranada on new track "Xtasy."

As Kaytra is wont to do, he laces Ravyn with a funky, hypnotic groove that's set aloft on warm bass, liquid synths and thudding kick drum. That is all Ravyn needs to dip into the seductive groove with a breathy delivery that sounds absolutely alluring.

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"If you're down then I'll take you, love / My skin is so hot / I can barely breathe, I can't see / Surround me and take me up / This is your God," she coos on the opening verse as she sets the scene for a sensual experience. Meanwhile, she allows her layered vocals and echoing ad-libs to turn up the heat and further the steamy spell she has us under from the very first moment we hear her on the track.

Like her previous single "Skin Tight," "Xtasy" gets a trippy visualizer that consists of completely computer-animated graphics. This one doesn't offer much movement, however, as it opts to just show two versions of Ravyn Lenae riding in a tricked-out car with flowers growing in the backseat. Its simplicity is appreciated, however, as it doesn't attempt to compete with the song as much as it beckons us to simply get caught up in her rapturous sound.

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Hypnos is set to bow on Friday, May 20th, but you can tap into Ravyn's "Xtasy" now just by pressing play below.

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