Pip Millett Gets 'Downright' Vulnerable

Photo Credit: Pip Millett/YouTube

This pandemic has shed light on many things that were previously easy to ignore. That's especially true of mental health, as the downtime and grief of the last couple of years led many to realize that taking care of their minds was just as important as taking care of their bodies. It also led many artists to grapple with the subject in song, the latest of which is British singer-songwriter Pip Millett with her song "Downright."

"Downright," the follow-up to Pip's last single "Ride With Me," deals directly with its subject matter, not shying away from the way depression can make someone feel. Somber instrumentation — including melancholy guitar and rolling drums — lead us into the lyrics as Pip sets the stage about how her depressive states are taking a toll on her lover and their relationship.

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"I know you still need me when I'm down / But down is just downright, get the f**k out of my head," she sings on the chorus. "I know you still need me when I'm down / But down is just downright, sleeping when I don't feel alright, alright."

In the song's video, we see how that relationship plays out. Two actresses play a couple. We see one of the actresses as she struggles with depression, going from light and happy to morose and seemingly unable to express what's going on in her mind. This perceived apathy leads to arguments and, ultimately, heartbreak for our lead. At the clip's end, it's revealed that the lead is in fact Pip and we were perhaps watching her relive something from her past.

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The fact that a song like "Downright" exists and views something like depression from the perspective of the person suffering from it is refreshing. But then again, Pip Millett has a way of giving voice to topics that most wouldn't consider are quite remarkable. Listen to and watch her do it again when you press play below.

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