Nia Sultana Is All About Her Self-Care On 'In The Morning'

Photo Credit: Nia Sultana/Twitter

This period has shown a lot of people that while it's important to make sure others are OK, it's just as valuable to make sure you attend to your own needs. Many have harped on that message, urging us all to take a little time for ourselves to make sure we're good. If you weren't sure how to do that exactly, maybe Nia Sultana can give you an example with her latest single "In The Morning."

Self-care of course needs a mellow soundtrack, and "In The Morning" is just that. Over a soulful and tranquil slice of synths and enough drums to keep the song bouncing, Nia offers her own routine as an example while letting a lover know that she's not neglecting them.

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"Early in the morning / I need me time / Still want you around / But need to unwind," she sings on the chorus. "We could take some space / To think, realign / Relax just let the sun in." Elsewhere, she's expressing the importance of a beauty routine, a long drive and even a simple shower can help soothe and get her ready for the day. She also emphasizes the importance of taking personal space (which is a very major key, word to DJ Khaled).

Nia Sultana proved that she was one to watch when we experienced her "Ambience." Now, with "In The Morning," we see that hers is a talent we want to keep hearing more of. Take a listen to "In The Morning" when you press play and make sure to add the track to your self-care playlist for your next pampering session.

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