Muni Long Wants You To Feel Her 'Pain'

Photo Credit: Muni Long/YouTube

One thing about Muni Long, she is going to turn real love and real life into a real relatable song. She's done it with her platinum hit "Hrs And Hrs" and recently with the single "Another," and Long does it again on her latest drop, tapping into the range of feelings associated with heartache and heartbreak with "Pain."

Muni Long is in the aftermath of a broken relationship on "Pain." She's gotten over the hurt, but she really wants the one who broke her heart to get a dose of his own medicine. "Things are different, and let me show you how / I'm not the same, I've changed / And you feel that pain, I hope you do / And when you do, I'm telling you," she sings to her shady ex on the pre-chorus before getting a little petty on the chorus. "Do you feel that pain? / I hope you cry / Hope it cross your mind least once a day."

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In the music video for "Pain," the singer-songwriter adds the title of director to her resume, co-directing with Tony Bowen. The clip opens inside of her once happy home with broken dishes and picture frames strewn across the floor. Photographs of Muni and her actual husband (who's one of the track's co-writers) Raysean Hairston are seen in the frames before she walks into view dropping white roses with every step.

From there, Muni brings the drama, honey, as she eventually ends up in the shower fully clothed and damn near has a nervous breakdown. Our good sis is on an emotional rollercoaster, and she later drowns her sorrows in alcohol and junk food. She eventually gets up off of the couch and gets herself together, though. She puts on a freakum dress and new wig since her other one got wet and decides to go out, but not before she gets a phone call that makes her pause but doesn't slow her roll.

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Muni Long is indeed on a roll. With her deal between her Supergiant Records label and Def Jam Recordings, new singles and visuals are coming fast and furious and we're here for it all. Feel Muni's "Pain" with a side of petty when you press play below on the audio and video.

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