Moonchild Serves Up More Of 'What You Wanted' With A Remix By Kiefer

Photo Credit: Taryn Dudley

Moonchild has been gently rocking our worlds with the release of their most recent album, Starfruit. Yet another dynamic project, the set is packed full of jams and gems that get better with each listen. One of our favorites of the set is the song "What You Wanted," which gives some great advice about being careful what you wish for and the consequences that those wishes bring. Now the song is given a new life thanks to a remix from pianist/producer Kiefer.

Kiefer picks up on the mood of the original, with the wistful melancholy of the song reflected in the newly arranged synths and shuffling drums. He doesn't just stop there, though, as he doubles singer Amber Navran's vocals, lowering the register of one set to add even more texture to the song. His final touch comes at the song's end, with Kiefer playing a piano solo as the coda to take the place of the original's jazzy horn outro.

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The chemistry between Moonchild and Kiefer is undeniable on this remix, which is fitting since he is one of their special guests on their current tour. Hear what we mean when you check out his remix of "What You Wanted" and then pick up tickets to their current tour via Moonchild's website.

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