Mack Wilds Has A Very Real Conversation In 'Simple Things'

Photo Credit: Mack Wilds/YouTube

Mack Wilds made a return to music last fall with his single "Simple Things." However, soon after its release, the singer/actor went radio silent on the music front. In fairness, the man has been busy. He's put in work as a series regular on the Apple TV+ series Swagger and also made his Broadway debut in the play Thoughts Of A Colored Man. He's back to the music now, though, committing to his return with the long-awaited video for the track.

The clip takes inspiration from the aesthetic of the "Striking Vipers" episode of Black Mirror (but without *that* twist) as it deals with a couple reviewing their relationship after an overly flirty waitress makes their dinner very awkward. Mack's inaction over the incident leads to the deeper conversation relayed in the song's lyrics.

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He starts off speaking to his love interest, with flashback scenes depicting his point of view. However, rather than just make this a one-sided conversation on his part, he gives the second verse to his companion as we see her side of things. With both sides represented, we then return to Mack as he gives us a short rap and we see him contemplating the next steps in this somewhat tortured love affair.

We don't get a definite resolution to things by the time the credits roll, but we do get a sense that this won't be the end end of this conversation. Hopefully this also won't be the last time we see or hear Mack Wilds before this year is up. We'll be on the lookout for what's to come while you peep the video for "Simple Things" when you press play.

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