Lewis Taylor Steps Back On The Scene With His 'Final Hour'

Photo Credit: Lewis Taylor/Facebook

Lewis Taylor was your favorite R&B singer's favorite singer for a time, with everyone from David Bowie to D'Angelo singing the singer-songwriter's praises. That why it was a bit devastating when he retired from the biz back in 2006. Thankfully, no one can stay away from something they love too long, and Lewis is back with his new single "Final Hour" and the promise of a new album coming later this year.

"Final Hour" is a return to form for the "Bittersweet" singer. He arranges synths and programmed drums into a dramatic arrangement that goes from quiet introspection to bombastic call to action over the course of the track's five-minute runtime.

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Lyrically, though, it seems that Lewis is more interested in the mettle and character of those listening. "In the final hour / Would you bow / When you meet your maker? / In the final hour / Would you take a bow / When you hear the curtain call?" he asks. "Do you know yourself / To show yourself / Or would you be a faker? / In the final hour / Would you take a bow / When the writing's on the wall?"

In addition to dropping "Final Hour," he also released a three-minute teaser of the album to come back in January that features clips of songs to be featured on the project. One of those we now recognize as "Final Hour," but there are several that he hasn't named just yet that have us anxious to hear them in full.

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Listen to the latest from Lewis Taylor right here, and then get ready for what he has in store by checking out the album teaser below.

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