Leven Kali Has All The Good Lovin' He Needs On 'EVERYTHING I WANT'

Photo Credit: Addy Berge

Leven Kali is keeping 2022 popping with a bevy of singles to keep us grooving. So far, we've gotten the confessional cut "EEK" and dance floor meditation "LET IT RAIN." He's back yet again with another new jam, this time offering up "EVERYTHING I WANT."

"EVERYTHING I WANT" finds Leven gearing things toward the romantic, a departure from the themes of the other singles. More specifically, he's got his eyes on his lady and he's not taking them off her. Or, as he puts it in the lyrics, "Not one to waste time / Goin' straight for your waistline / No clothes on, both phones off, I'ma give you the facetime."

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With all his focus on her, he's ready to get things into gear as he breaks down exactly how he wants her. But she's giving as good as she's getting, which has our boy Leven ready to put it all on the line. "Everything I want / Lovin' me like that / Never knew somethin' like that, you're / Everything I want," he sings on the chorus. "Want you that bad / Wherever I go I'll be right back."

Soundtracking the entire affair is production that mixes the laid-back feel of an R&B midtempo with the bump of a rap track. The sweet sounds come together nicely while making us want to have what Leven is having.

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Being that this is single number three from Leven since the top of the year, we have a feeling that we'll be getting news of an upcoming project in the near future. As we prepare ourselves for what's to come, get into Leven Kali offering us "EVERYTHING I WANT" when you press play.

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