Khalid Paints His 'Skyline' With Bright, Sunny Vibes

Photo Credit: Khalid/YouTube

Khalid came correct in 2021 when he dropped his Scenic Drive EP, which had lovers of pop and R&B singing his praises. Well, now that the weather is finally warming up, the singer sensed that we needed a nice, breezy bop to usher in the summer. He delivers with his bright new single "Skyline."

He turns to producer Chrome Sparks to get the vibes right, and he laces him with a groove that's slightly reminiscent of disco but with a poppier sheen. That sheen serves the song well as he makes a convincing offer for us to spend a beautiful Wednesday night.

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"It's a Wednesday night and we're running out of time / Won't you take my hand, hop into my skyline?" he asks joyously on the song's chorus. "It's only just a rebuild, but I swear it feels real / When you take my hand in my passenger side."

Khalid offers up a vividly colored video to go with the song's sunny vibes. He takes us to a sunlit countryside in the clip, with every color looking bold and saturated as he smiles his way onto our screens. The clip's color theory continues with an unexpected dance sequence as the singer rocks a suit that makes him look like a Batman villain crossed with a Care Bear — and we say that in the most adorable way possible. His smooth moves only go further to sell us on the happy-go-lucky feel of the track and have us looking forward to sun, fun and a great soundtrack to go with it.

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It might not be a Wednesday night, but we'll gladly take Khalid up on his invitation. We think you might as well when you press listen to "Skyline" and watch its video right here.

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