Jully Black Is Feeling Drained By Love On 'Half Empty'

Photo Credit: Jully Black/Facebook

We were blessed by the return of Canadian songstress Jully Black when she released her comeback single "No Relation" back in January. Though it's been a few months since that release, the singer-songwriter is still on the comeback trail. She continues to show and prove with her latest single "Half Empty."

"Half Empty" is an old-school heartbreak ballad with a modern twist. Built around hard-hitting drums and a piano-led melody, the track finds the singer lamenting her current state as she takes stock of her relationship.

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"I keep loving you / But I'm half empty / Filling you / But I'm half empty / I fight for you / Still I'm half empty / I couldn't imagine I'd wake up alone in this room," she sings with conviction on the verse. She further elaborates on her lover's selfish ways, adding a guttural rasp as she sings, "I give and I give / And you take and you take / Forgave your mistakes / But still I can't relate."

The song represents the frustrations of a woman who has given her all with little to no reciprocation, a sentiment to which many can relate. But what she might not express in words, she allows the horns on the chorus and a guitar solo to express with equal feeling.

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According to a series of teasers she's placed on YouTube, we'll be getting a video to accompany this single in the very near future. We can't wait to see it and will be singing along to the latest from Jully Black until it arrives. Join us in doing the same when you press play on "Half Empty" below.

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