Josh Levi Deals With His 'VICES' In A Tempting Visual

Photo Credit: Josh Levi/YouTube

We've got our eye on Josh Levi. No, it's not just because of his boyish good looks (though those do help). It's because the rising star has a talent that we can't deny, as exemplified with his appearance on the Insecure Season 5 soundtrack and his recent single "VICES." He's back to give us a visual for the aforementioned single, and in turn give us a peek into who he is.

The self-directed clip opens with Josh spray-painting a wall before taking a seat on a black leather couch. He's soon joined by a bevy of lovely ladies who shower him with all their attention. One rolls up for him, one can't seem to get off the phone, one offers him something in a red cup and another is willing to twerk for him on demand.

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Though each lady is all over him, he never really interacts with them or partakes in what they offer as he sings for the camera. Intercut with this scene is a performance that takes place in an empty swimming pool, which is also the place where the video really takes off. While a simple set up, Josh seems to be in his element most with a mic in his hand as he vibes to the song's groove and interacts with his band.

The curly-haired singer definitely has a sound and style that is intriguing to say the least. In fact, his "VICES" visual is tempting enough to warrant another watch. You can join us as we do by simply pushing play below.

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