janïsa Decides To 'Fly Away' To Find Herself & Self-Acceptance

Photo Credit: Auteur Research

Like many artists, Toronto-based singer-songwriter janïsa received her introduction to music in the church. She has earned her chops by performing in numerous venues and at festivals all over her native Canada and is poised for the world to hear and enjoy her music. It's safe to say that she's on the right track with her new single “Fly Away.”

"Fly Away" gives us a front-row seat to janïsa's journey to find self-acceptance. She lets listeners know that she is ready to step away from her current circumstances to find herself as she flawlessly delivers the first verse. "I’m lost in my dreams / I’m in a mood / I want to fly up high to be with the milky moon / Cause this world can’t love me as much as I do," she sings. 

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Musically, “Fly Away” is mid-tempo but starts slowly with some spacey keys as janïsa recites a few lyrics like spoken word before the main groove led by an edgy guitar riff, bass and drums kicks in. Her buttery smooth vocals soon follow. janïsa also wrote and co-produced this cut, further evidence that she brings much more than her vocal talents to the table.

In addition to her work on the song, janïsa developed the creative vision for the “Fly Away” visual as well in association with director Lekan Agunblade and producer Wilson Lin. The video starts with a dream-like sequence with shots of the night sky and janïsa walking through candlelit rooms followed by morning clouds as the sun rises. We then clearly see janïsa for the first time lying in her bed, playfully tugging on her braids as she begins to sing. 

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The video adopts a space travel theme, consistent with those spacey keyboard notes that drive the song. We see janïsa walking around parts of snow-covered Toronto in a spacesuit carrying her suitcase, visually delivering the message that she needs to get away. Drone footage gives us a bird's-eye view of her walking through and laying in the snow. Those scenes alternate with stunning shots of janïsa laying down atop sheets of paper filled with lyrics and poetry, her braids wild and free. 

janïsa is the latest Canadian export to catch our attention, and she is just beginning to show us what she is capable of. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and stay tuned as she continues to build her musical catalog. For now, check out the “Fly Away” single and video below. 

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