Iman Omari Proves He's Not Like The Other Guys With 'All They Wanna Do'

Photo Credit: Iman Omari/Instagram

It's almost summertime, which means that lust is in the air as many prepare to bare skin (and other things) as the days heat up. But some folks are actually looking for love in these streets and singer Iman Omari feels their pain. In fact, he wants to direct some lucky lady to himself in the choosing process with the release of his newest single "All They Wanna Do."

With a silky, effortless groove crafted over a slinky bass line, Iman makes his case pretty plain. "All them other guys / They are not like me / Can't be fly like me / They don't know how to be," he sings on the opening verse before moving forward in his seduction. The smooth game he spits is likely to have even the most hateful woman willing to give him a try.

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Just in case the case isn't exactly cut and dry at this point, though, he borrows a lyric from Junior M.A.F.I.A.'s hit "Get Money" to voice all the other guys' intentions on the chorus. "All they wanna do is / F**k b***hes / Get money," he sings in a distorted vocal while vocoder harmonies back him up and send the song into digital overdrive.

The syrupy, digital sound of the song is a concoction we didn't expect from Iman Omari. We must also admit that it's pretty intoxicating, though. It's also a welcome return from the singer, whom we haven't heard from on the solo tip in years.

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Will you swipe right on "All They Wanna Do"? Give the track a spin and find out.

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