Eric Roberson Creates A Work Of Art With Kenny Greene & Intro In The ‘All I Want’ Visual

Photo Credit: Eric Roberson/YouTube

We’ve had over a month to spend with Eric Roberson‘s latest album Lessons, and although we love the entire set, the song “All I Want” has our heart and has stayed on repeat. From the moment we heard the ’90s R&B-heavy track featuring vocals from the late Kenny Greene and his group Intro, we’ve been obsessed. That obsession has now hit another level with the release of the song’s music video.

Director Steven Jon aka Oh Yeah Cool, who previously directed the visual for the “Lessons (Remix),” is back behind the camera to bring “All I Want” to life in a very creative way. The video finds Erro alone in his condo, thinking about his lady. The scene flashes back to her painting portrait of him and the couple sharing a few intimate moments.

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As the video and song progress, however, it becomes evident that Roberson and painter bae aren’t together anymore. He’s feeling some type of way while reminiscing about their times together that are no more. When the chorus hits, his pity party of one is interrupted by Intro’s Buddy Wike and Jeff Sanders who join him at a grand piano and on background vocals.

Eric, Buddy and Jeff find their way to an art exhibit where his ex is there displaying her artwork and with her new man by her side. Erro is taken aback not only by her beauty but by her latest piece of art – a breathtaking portrait of Kenny that is revealed right as his vocals come through on the bridge.

After that showstopping moment, Eric walks around the exhibit and stops in his tracks when he comes across the portrait that she painted of him. He stares at the artwork and has a vision of how he’d like the night to end.

The visual for “All I Want” is both tantalizing and touching. All parties involved did a fantastic job in crafting such a creative narrative for the song. Watch Eric Roberson and his Intro brothers share a romantic tale and pay tribute to Kenny Greene’s memory below.

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