Doechii Makes An Explosive Television Debut On 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' With 'Persuasive' & 'Crazy'

Photo Credit: Todd Owyoung/NBC

Doechii has quickly established herself as that chick. She may be a new signee to TDE, but her years of grinding independently and honing her artistry shine through. She's one of the most exciting artists we've set eyes and ears on in recent memory, and we're not the only ones to take notice. Last night Doechii put the audience for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on notice with a fiery performance of "Persuasive" and "Crazy."

Earlier in the show, Jimmy Fallon played viewers a snippet of "Persuasive" to prep them for what was ahead, but no one was ready for the show that Doechii put on. Her performance started off with the sound of crickets and other wildlife to signify the arrival of the Swamp Princess who politely introduced herself and her four-man band before proceeding with a complete and utter slay.

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Dressed in a ball gown, Doechii sang with her whole body, getting lost in the intoxicating groove of "Persuasive." All eyes were on her every word and move as she worked the mic, stage and camera to the catchy tune.

Just when we thought that the performance couldn't get any more lit, Doechii turned up the fire to high for "Crazy." She flipped the switch from singing to rapping and showed her agility with both. However, with her ferocious delivery, intense lyrics and nimble movements, “Crazy” became a stunning, star-making moment.

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How does it feel to be that chick? Just ask Doechii. Watch her magical medley of "Persuasive" and "Crazy" on The Tonight Show below.

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