Dende Might've Found Love In The Club On 'Round Trip To Atlanta'

Photo Credit: Dende/Instagram

Atlanta is known for quite a few things. Included among them are its Southern hospitality, its bustling music scene, and, well, its abundance of strip clubs. Many a person have found themselves caught up in the rapture inside one, and it seems that rising star Dende might be in that number. He gives us a play-by-play of what went down with his new single "Round Trip To Atlanta."

Dende sets the scene atop a woozy beat drenched in wavy synths and thick bass that moves slow and deliberate as he sings. The slower tempo makes it seem as if we're stuck in a slow motion moment with the singer. This gives him the opportunity to narrates for us with a Frank Ocean-like quality, describing the way a dancer moves and showing how his interest in her beyond the pole is stoked.

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"I met you in your city / Saw you dancing on the pole / Fall in love with dancers every single time I go," he sings on the song's opening verses. "Say you f**k with music / You just doing this for dough / Glitter glisten on your body, girl / You're putting on a show for a n***a."

Her moves have him so shook he's contemplating making this a recurring thing, singing on the chorus, "I'll book a round, round, round trip / Take you down quick / Want you now / So cancel your night out."

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"Recently, I've been finding myself inside strip clubs more often than not and I became enamored with the art of it," Dende said of the song's inspiration. "One night, when I was talking to a dancer, she started telling me about her hopes and dreams then gave me the best lapdance of my life. I had to write a song about the woman that stole my heart for the night to let her know I'd fly to see her if I had to."

When he's not booking flights to see his favorite dancer, Dende is busy making a name for himself. The Texas native even managed to get himself on the lineup for the inaugural R&B Only Fest, which takes place on May 28th in Atlanta (which we're sure works out perfectly for him, considering the content of this song). Take a listen to his "Round Trip To Atlanta" and see if it has you considering travel plans as well.

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