Danielle Carr Is Tired Of Being Played In 'Welp!'

Photo Credit: Danielle Carr/Instagram

The last time we heard from Danielle Carr, she was totally smitten with a potential love interest but she needed some “CPR” when that interest wasn't reciprocated. Without wasting any time, the NYC-based artist is back with another relationship-centric single with her new song “Welp!” 

"Welp!" concerns the feelings that arise when partners in a relationship don’t have the same goals and expectations. Danielle makes her feelings known when she declares on the chorus, "You should know what’s in your bed, baby / I don’t want to flaunt it all the time / You shoulda been gave me my rock heavy / Yet you say you’ll always be mine." 

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The track leverages keys and a horn-like synth sound to drive it, backed up by a minimal bassline and drums. Carr's layered background vocals also give the song more depth. 

Danielle has a well-oiled partnership with Culture Face, who directs many of her visuals and sits in the director’s chair for “Welp!” as well. With Danielle as the producer, they make an effective team. The clip finds her hanging with two friends in Brooklyn. While the ladies make the sidewalk their catwalk, she catches the attention of a woman admiring some flowers in front of a brownstone. 

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Carr is cordial as she keeps it moving with her friends, but the other woman is in hot pursuit. She catches up to our leading lady and whisks her away from her girls. There's some flirtation and they have a connection, but Danielle soon grows tired of the games. We soon see the woman sitting on her couch with duct tape over her mouth, a clear sign that Danielle is over it and doesn’t want to hear anything else she has to say.

Listen to Danielle Carr's "Welp!" and see how her short-lived love story plays out in the music video below.

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