Big Boi, Sleepy Brown & Scotty ATL Bring Fashion & Booty To The Beach In 'Do Ya Best'

Photo Credit: Big Boi/YouTube

Hip-hop fans (and fans of the Dungeon Family in particular) got their wishes answered when Big Boi and Sleepy Brown came together for their collaborative album Big Sleepover last year. A fan-favorite track from the set is "Do Ya Best," and the fellas are blessing us with a booty-ful clip for the track.

"Booty-ful" wasn't a typo, there, by the way. Though the video is mainly framed with a beach and fashion runway motif, there's a bountiful bevy of beauties flaunting cakes like they work at a bakery. The pretty ladies show their figures so much that you almost forget that the fellas are supposed to be the main attraction here.

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Don't worry, though, as the guys manage to pull the camera's attention when they can. Big and Sleepy both perform their verses and the chorus in quite a few scenes while looking the part of smooth rap elder statesmen. Featured guest Scotty ATL is also on hand to deliver his rhymes while getting up close and personal with an umbrella toting PYT. (Fun fact: Scotty also supplied his signature grills to Big Boi and Sleepy Brown to give the proceedings a little extra bling.)

Still, the main focus of the proceedings really and truly are the ladies and the way they move. That's fitting, since the song is all about a lady that teases and tantalizes as she moves for the fellas on a dance floor.

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Does "Do Ya Best" break the rap video mold? Of course not. But it knows its audience and delivers all that they can handle plus a little bit more. Watch the ladies — and Big Boi, Sleepy Brown and Scotty ATL, of course — give you what you came for in "Do Ya Best" when you press play.

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