Bellah Speaks To Her Evolution With 'Prototype'

Photo Credit: Bellah/YouTube

The only thing constant in life is change, and that's especially true with people as they learn and grow. Still, some people are quick to get up in arms when someone they thought they know switches up their perspective and exhibits that personal growth. If you can relate to that situation, then rising British star Bellah has got just the song for you with her new joint "Prototype."

The singer turns to Sons Of Sonix for the production assist and gets properly laced with a mid-tempo groove that stutters and stops like a '90s Timbaland production but feels updated with today's sensibilities. She then rides the beat to get something off her chest for anyone who feels a way about her evolution.

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"I gotta upgrade now you claiming / That I've gone Hollywood? / How you figure that I switched up? / It was so obvious, obvious," she sings on the opening verse. "Little girl that you knew / She can't be recognized / Bugging out but you don't get mad at butterflies." She goes on to let folks know that she's a new being and that they can't be mad at her for loving someone who doesn't exist anymore.

In the song's video, Bellah gets retro-futuristic, evoking the imagined digital future from '90s films like The Matrix to show the different versions of herself through the times. Each switch-up gives a different feel, though the one who gets the most screen time is her in a platinum blonde look and icy white gear that cuts up with a troupe of dancers before she steps into a digital oblivion to find her next evolution.

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"Prototype" is a fun cut and a good way for Bellah to introduce herself to audiences who might've missed out on her 2020 EP The Art Of Conversation. If you happen to be in that number (or just love a good track), then get acquainted with "Prototype" and its video when you press play.

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