Baby Tate Has Us Saying 'Yasss Queen'

Photo Credit: Baby Tate/Twitter

Baby Tate is one of those artists who you can’t help but marvel at because of how mind-blowingly talented she is. Whether she's flowing over a tight beat like on her songs "Pedi" and "I Am" with Flo Milli or softly serenading us with her vocals on tracks such as James Vickery's "Hourglass" or her recent single "What's Love," the genre-bending artist is pretty dope. Tate continues to flex her range on a two bop drop that she's entitled the "Queen Pack" featuring singles "Dance Queen" and "Yasss Queen." 

The 25-year-old ATL native puts everyone on notice she is on her queen ish with these songs. Baby Tate’s bars shine on the rap track “Dance Queen” while her sweetened vocals are showcased on the R&B tune “Yasss Queen.”

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“Who says queens can’t do both?” Tate cheekily captioned an Instagram promo for the project. You'll hear the rapper and singer's duality as you transition from the brazen verses and bold delivery of “Dance Queen” to the uplifting lyrics and magical melodies of “Yasss Queen.”  

On the latter, Baby Tate empathetically encourages other women to keep on keeping on and to do their thing. "I know it takes patience, it takes time, don’t rush a thing," she sings on the pre-chorus. "You did it with grace and with a smile, you’re such a queen.” 

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The inspirational lyrics will compel you to adjust any queen’s crown you come across – especially your own. Tate tenderly acknowledges the confidence boost we may need on hard days and the validation sought on the days we’ve slayed on “Yasss Queen.” (And for the days we're unequivocally feeling ourselves, we'll run “Dance Queen” back and take a twerk break.) 

Baby Tate is among several artists slated to take the stage during Pharrell Williams' Something In The Water music festival next month in Washington, D.C. Until then, let Baby Tate help you get on your queen ish with her "Queen Pack" below. 

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