Allysha Joy & Ego Ella May Are ‘Calling You’ To Listen To Their Collaboration

Photo Credit: Natalie Jurrjens | Keziah Quarcoo

Allysha Joy will be bringing us soul from Down Under when she brings her upcoming album Torn : Tonic to us this week. She’s already given us gems from the set with singles “Let It!” and our exclusive premiere of “Still Dreaming.” Now the singer-songwriter partners with British artist Ego Ella May for the set’s latest single “Calling You.”

If the first notes of “Calling You” seem familiar, it’s because the track takes heavy inspiration from Steve Spacek‘s similarly titled “Calling Yu.” The 2005 song is one of Allysha’s favorites, and she took on the track after getting Spacek’s blessing. She expands upon the song by updating the swing of the drums, making her take on the groove a little more kinetic and writing her own lyrics to personalize it even more.

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“Standing up one time for the right to be heard / In the day of sudden voices lost / Muted,” she sings in a whispery tone at the song’s beginning. “Can we get a little higher? / Call it out a little louder?” Ego Ella May can be heard joining in on that refrain and grabs some shine of her own on a mellow verse that layers her breathy vocal to perfection as urges, “The more we trust ourselves / The more you will see.”

“Calling You” has the unique quality of being a laid-back cut to nod your head to while simultaneously demanding you take action in making your societal grievances known. It’s kind of brilliant when you think about it. We’re sure that there will more moments like it when Torn : Tonic arrives this Friday, May 13th. As you set a reminder to purchase her album, listen to Allysha Joy and Ego Ella May blending their beautiful talents on “Calling Out” when you press play.

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