The Colleagues & Teedra Moses Are Looking For That '90s Kinda Love'

Photo Credit: Kid Eight

Dating these days is kind of the worst. There's the plethora of apps that you have to use, the endless stream of conversations online and then, when the date finally happens, you realize you've wasted time on a dud. You aren't the only one pining for an old-school kind of love. Producers The Colleagues and our girl Teedra Moses have collaborated to express their want to get that old thing back on new track "90s Kinda Love."

"90s Kinda Love," which also counts Frank Rose as a co-producer, has a breezy throwback feel thanks to the programmed drums and airy synthesizer groove that keeps things going. Even if it at times feels it's leaning more '80s than '90s, it's still a welcome break from the sparse musical arrangements crowding the charts today.

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Teedra is also bringing her A-game as she bemoans the digital dating life while reminiscing on the ease of yesteryear. "I wonder where all the real ones are at? / You know, the one that rolls with you / Grow with you / Ride high or low with you," she sings at one point on the chorus. "I just gotta have it like that."

While she lists what she's looking for, we can't help but agree that we've got a few of the same items on our own wishlists. But if romance isn't on the table, at least we have folks like The Colleagues and Teedra Moses to bring solid jams like this one.

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"90s Kinda Love" will be featured on The Colleagues' upcoming project Love Lust Vulnerability — which also boasts guest appearances by the likes of Raheem DeVaughn, Lewis Sky and others. You'll be able to get your hands on it when it drops on May 6th. But you can wrap your ears around "90s Kinda Love" right now. All you have to do is press play.

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