Phabo Is Ready To Give Up The Player Life On 'Before I Let Her Go'

Photo Credit: Jon Rabon

People keep trying to push the "R&B is dead" conversation, but a new crop of artists always come along to prove that sentiment the bold-faced lie that it is. Joining in that chorus helping to bring the genre back to its deserved glory is Phabo. The up-and-comer quietly released his debut album Soulquarius back in July of last year and collaborated with DUCKWRTH for the seductive cut "4K" before seemingly dropping off the radar. He's back, however, to further show his talents with the new single "Before I Let Her Go."

"Before I Let Her Go" follows the '90s R&B template to a "T," with the singer dedicating the song to retiring his player ways in favor of the love of his life. "I'll give up my hoes before I let her go / Swear I might propose within a champagne toast," he sings on the opening verse. "All my Compton bros tell me daddy-o / You better take care of home before she's adios."

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These sentiments are accompanied by a production that owes credit to tracks like Joe's "All The Things (Your Man Won't Do) or Usher's "Nice And Slow," with the song riding a mellow groove that's given just enough grit thanks to the programmed drums as Phabo offers loving reflections on why his girl is the one.

It looks like R&B's future is in some pretty capable hands. You can stream Phabo's "Before I Let Her Go" via Spotify and also peep the song's visualizer (which looks as if it made up of behind-the-scenes footage of a possible future video) below.

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