Ogi Has Something To Say On 'I Got It' & 'Envy'

Photo Credit: Ogi/Facebook

Nigerian-American singer-songwriter Ogi decided to follow her heart and forego a potential career as an attorney for music, her first love. Chicago-born and Wisconsin-raised, it was there that she developed her musical chops, singing in the jazz choir and learning to play the viola. Once she finished college, she decided to move to Los Angeles and make her dream a reality, which she's done. Ogi’s career has gotten off to a great start with the recent release of her first two singles, "I Got It” and “Envy.”

Ogi made her debut with the single “I Got It,” produced by GRAMMY Award winner No I.D., who has worked with some of the best. In this song, Ogi lets us know that she has arrived and is planning to shatter norms when she sings, "Did you want more flavor in the game? / Yeah, you welcome / My level done changed, I ain’t the same / Man, it’s seldom / Anybody coming at my name / I’m too well done." Musically, less is more as the infectious beat, driven by keyboards, bass and steady drums, supports Ogi’s distinctive vocals and smooth lower register. 

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The visual for “I Got It,” directed by Kanya Iwana, starts with a wide-angle view of the inside of a church, with church bells ringing as Ogi sits in the front pew. The church seems appropriate as she sings, "All these blessings falling in my lap like I’m a Grandpa / All this money I go swimming in it like a tadpole." We then see her singing and dancing in various parts of the church, including the balcony, down the aisle, in a dark room and a stairwell. Ogi is wearing a white dress with beautiful, thick braids framing her face as she drops the chorus. "Jeez, look at the cheese, look at the ice, look at the wrist / Yeah, look at me. Can you believe that I got it?" 

For her second single "Envy," also produced by No I.D., Ogi takes aim at her haters. She wastes no time getting to it, singing, "Did you know that it’s a sin to covet? / Baby, I can’t help the fact you love it," on the first verse. This song has a jazzy feel to it, with a lively bassline, soft-spoken horns that blend right into the background and timely twinkling keys. Ogi’s vocals are on point, and she pulls double duty with some beautifully arranged background vocals. "Envy" will resonate with most of us, as we all experience it at some point. Later in the song, she alludes to betrayal by someone that used to be close to her, as she sings, "Should have cut you off right when you sat right next to me / And shouted in my ear, that you’re my biggest fan." 

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We are so ready to hear more from Ogi; her voice is unique, and she has something to say. Her music is available on all streaming platforms, and you can catch her live in concert while she opens for Snoh Aalegra on her Ugh, These Temporary Highs Tour. Listen to "I Got It" and "Envy"

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