SoulBounce Exclusive: Nicholas Ryan Gant Instills Us With Self-Worth In ‘Confidence Key’

Photo Credit: Monisha Henderson

We last checked in with our boy Nicholas Ryan Gant back in October of last year, when he dropped his single “Heal The Land” and announced that his new album Restore was on its way. We’ve been looking out for whatever morsel about the project we could find. The singer-songwriter thankfully took mercy on us, though, by allowing SoulBounce to exclusively premiere the set’s latest single “Confidence Key.”

“Confidence Key” is all about finding self-worth and moving through life with the confidence that unlocks. Producer Mikey Freedom Hart offers up a jazzy, swinging groove that allows Nicholas the opportunity to flex his trained vocal skills all over the track. “Believe gloriously in you, you’re fly / Face the real world, look there and see / How special you are, look inside / Believe in you, confidence key,” he sings on the chorus.

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For the video, photographer and director Elliott Ashby gathers NRG and a few of his nearest and dearest friends to help him get his message across. They hang with him on the stoop and skate with him in the park, all the while showing off their own uniqueness and beauty. Nicholas, meanwhile, commands the camera with his sunny disposition and infectious smile as he sings.

The video also gives some shine to the track’s featured guests Jeary Sylves and Suede Jury, who each kick their rhymes with a self-assured swagger. Their verses fit the song’s vibe as they encourage a confident attitude and remind us that we’re our ancestors’ wildest dreams.

“This song is for us! Pop culture today wants us to pretend to be perfect and look like we have it all together,” Nicholas Ryan Gant told us about the single. “This song is to kids for them to know that they don’t have to be perfect. They’re dope just the way they are.”

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He also gave us a bit of info on what to expect from Restore. “It’s really a reconciliation with us and healing,” he said. “It speaks on the different types of love and hurt and how they work together to make us who we are.”

We’ll get to hear Nicholas Ryan Gant’s message for ourselves when the album drops this summer. Until then, you can catch our exclusive premiere of “Confidence Key” and its video when you press play below. Then be sure to pick up your copy over at Bandcamp and keep up with NRG (and pick up “Confidence Key” merch) via his website.

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