Mychelle & ENNY Are Tempted By 'Forbidden Fruit'

Photo Credit: The Orchard

Mychelle finds herself in the midst of temptation on her latest single. The singer, songwriter and musician who hails from the Hackney borough of London continues to preview her forthcoming EP Someone Who Knows with the new song "Forbidden Fruit."

The premise of “Forbidden Fruit” is simple: all things that look good to you are not good for you, especially when it comes to relationships. Mychelle makes it plain as she sings, “You let me have a piece of you / But that very same piece of you is bitter / And I can’t what have what’s left of you anymore.” You see, she's gotten a taste and now she wants more from her love interest, but she soon realizes that this dish has gone cold.

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Mychelle’s enchanting vocals ride the crisp bassline, shuffling drums and dynamic rhythm guitar of "Forbidden Fruit." The mid-tempo cut features a verse from UK rapper, singer, songwriter and Mychelle's FAMM labelmate ENNY. After Mychelle's second verse, ENNY blesses the track when she rhymes, “I made mistakes, I know I do / But it’s the taste of the taboo / The sweetness of forbidden fruit / That seems to lead me back to you.” 

The visual for “Forbidden Fruit,” directed by Portia Barnett-Herrin, begins with Mychelle singing as colorful images of fruit, flowers and foliage scroll across the screen in different floating boxes. We then see her outside at dusk, curiously looking for the source of a light that is shining through some bushes in a park. She soon discovers a small, well-lit structure hidden in the bushes. She enters, and we see her playing chess, seemingly with herself. ENNY is then introduced to the scene, and she's seen playing cards with an unknown person as she turns around in her chair. She proceeds to spit her verse, using a smooth, calm delivery.

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“The lyrics imply that there is a love interest, which there is, however in the video we decided against it and instead focused on my part to play," Mychelle shared about the video's premise via press release. "It showcases me being led into a place that I’m not familiar with. It’s as if I am toying with myself, which is what it can feel like when you keep going for something/someone, even when you know deep down it isn’t right for you.”

Mychelle may be having relationship woes on this single, but we are quite smitten by her. "Forbidden Fruit" is the second single following "Younger Self" taken from Mychelle's second EP, Someone Who Knows, which itself follows her 2021 debut EP Closure. Get your fill of "Forbidden Fruit" right here.

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