Muni Long Lets Her Man Know That He's Replaceable In 'Another'

Photo Credit: Muni Long/YouTube

Muni Long showered her man with love, basked in his affection and gave him his flowers on her platinum hit "Hrs And Hrs." But on her new single "Another," she sings a different tune. Muni applies some pressure on her dude and makes it clear that she's in love but she's also in demand.

Long begins the song with the chorus, singing, "What one n***a won't do, another n***a gon' do / I'm putting you on notice / Another n***a done bought me roses," letting her guy know that he's replaceable. Before she sends him packing to the left, to the left, though, she tries to make it work.

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Muni is invested in this love thing as she sings, "I wanna stick it out with you / I'm gonna break it down for you / I hope you listening / Ain't gon' say it again." She then proceeds to list all the things she needs from him in the second verse. Her demands are reasonable and doable, and she wants him to do right. However, if he can't – or won't – she's got a roster of men waiting to take his place.

Lyrically, she goes hard in the paint on the song, but she softens – and glams – things up for the music video. We watch as Muni Long and her beau, played by actor Curtis Hamilton (who you may remember from his role in Insecure as Nathan's fine barber friend who was trying to holla at Molly at the beginning of season 5), return home from a long night out the next morning. They get a little frisky in the living room, but their quality time is interrupted by a phone call that he insists on answering.

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Once he leaves the room, Muni is not a happy camper. She changes out of her gold evening gown and blonde up-do into a black negligee and robe and long auburn wig. Instead of it being on and popping in the bedroom, an argument pops off between the couple. The tension is thick, and he eventually leaves their house in a huff and puff. He comes to his senses, though, and soon returns home with a token of his affection before Muni can call in his replacement.

"Another" marks Muni Long's debut single on Def Jam Recordings in association with her label Supergiant Records. The song is her first piece of new music since releasing her EP Public Displays Of Affection last November. While we wait for news on Muni Long's next project, listen to and watch "Another" below.

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