Mahalia Would Rather Be ‘In The Club’ Than Dealing With Fake Friends

Photo Credit: Mahalia/YouTube

Mahalia sure has been releasing a lot of music for someone who hasn’t announced a new project. Since July of last year, she’s released four new tracks — “Whenever You’re Ready,” “Roadside,” “Letter To Ur Ex” and “Whatever Simon Says.” The British songstress continues the trend she’s set for herself with her fifth new single in less than a year, “In The Club.”

“In The Club” finds Mahalia addressing fake friends. You know, the ones who only seem to pop up when you’re on top? Based on the song’s lyrics, she’s grown quite tired of them and is ready to let them have a piece of her mind.

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“I’m done with living in places where I recognize / Too many faces I’d rather leave behind,” she sings on the opening verse. “People who would see me in the street and not say, ‘Hi’ / But then they see some success, so they call me / Tell me that they impressed, they want a part of it.”

Surprisingly, the singer’s response is to crib a bit from 50 Cent, repurposing and rewording the chorus of his 2003 hit of the same name to get her point across over the bubbly guitar groove. “That’s why I’m gon’ be the first one to leave your party for the club / Bottle full of bub / That’s because you made a mess and it cannot be undone / I’m into making friends, I ain’t into making up,” she sings matter of factly.

The song’s video features her riding in the back of a rideshare as the people around her seem to be having the greatest conversation ever while barely acknowledging her presence. Mahalia takes it in stride, however, singing the song to the camera until she’s eventually riding solo dolo with a smile on her face.

“As a person who has never measured someone’s likability by their success, I always hated that type of behavior and so wanted to write about it,” the singer said about the song’s creation. “It also applied to people I met later in life. Who only stuck around for the good bits and left for the bad.”

We’re still waiting for Mahalia to go ahead and announce that sophomore album already, but we’ll gladly take as many new singles as she wants to offer — including this one. Get into “In The Club” in both audio and visual forms when you press play.

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