Lizzo Took The 'Time' To Shine While Pulling Double Duty On 'Saturday Night Live'

Photo Credit: Mary Ellen Matthews/NBC

Lizzo has to be feeling good as hell right about now. After dropping her latest jam "About Damn Time" and announcing her new album Special, she joined the exclusive club of people who have played the dual role of host and musical guest during the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live. If she had any jitters, it didn't show as she played both roles quite well. She especially wowed in the music department, of course, by giving the first televised performances of "About Damn Time" and her upcoming album's title track for the TV audience.

Lizzo introduced her damn self (which might be an SNL first) for her first performance before hitting the stage in a rhinestoned yellow number for "About Damn Time" as she and her purple clad dancers and band worked it out to the song's disco groove with a smile. The singer even took her trusty instrument Sasha out for a flute solo that delved into a little "Rapper's Delight" before she got back into the groove for the song's end.

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Her beaming mommy Shari Johnson-Jefferson introduced Lizzo for her performance of "Special." The song, which was first heard in Logitech's "Defy Logic" campaign, is an uplifting track that finds her hitting back at her online haters with confidence and hope. She took the stage in a gorgeous hot pink look for the number as she stood in front of the mic with an undeniable bravado. While the message of the song isn't necessarily new, her heartfelt conviction really sold the performance.

The singer's comedy chops were also on point throughout the episode, which you can watch in full on Hulu or Peacock. But before you go running to your preferred streaming service, watch both of Lizzo's SNL performances here.

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