Leven Kali Encourages Us To 'LET IT RAIN' & Let It Go

Photo Credit: Leven Kali/Instagram

We don't know about you, but now that spring is here and summer isn't too far off, we're looking to shake off all the heaviness of 2022's first quarter. It looks like our guy Leven Kali is feeling the same way if his second single of the year, the upbeat "LET IT RAIN," is any indication.

"LET IT RAIN" is a joyful dance song all about letting go of the things holding you down. "Let it rain, let it go / Let it rain, let it go / All the pain that you hold," he sings on the chorus as the bass line throbs and drums hit. Along with that dancing energy are tightly arranged synths and harmonies that ever-so-lightly hint at the melancholy the groove commands us to shake off.

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The track — which has Robin Hannibal, Memmi and Sol Was as producers — also boasts thoughtful lyrics as Leven lets the listener know he's here to help them through. "Oh time will take the pain away / I promise, babe / It’s natural / I’ll show you love and give you time to grow / Before it’s time to go," he sings.

With this and his previous single "EEK" now out in the wild, it looks like Leven Kali might be ready to give us a follow-up to 2020's HIGHTIDE. While we wait on that announcement, check your worries at the door and prepare to dance when you press play on "LET IT RAIN" right here.

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