Kenyon Dixon & D Smoke Share How They Relax, Relate & Release On ‘Get High, Get By’

Photo Credit: Kenyon Dixon/Instagram

Kenyon Dixon is one of those artists who is not shy to recruit the help of other artists to enhance a track. He is often a team player and down to collaborate on his own songs when he is not lending his vocals or pen to others. This time, R&B Kenny enlists the help of fellow California native D Smoke for his newest single “Get High, Get By.”

Everybody has their way of coping, and Dixon shares the ways he decompresses and de-stresses on “Get High, Get By.” The song opens with the singer-songwriter lamenting about the worries he carries on his shoulders. He croons about bills being due, people owing him money, feeling behind and how frustrating the twists and turns of life can be with relatable lyrics we can all identify with in one way or another.

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In the pre-chorus, Kenyon sings, “Another day, another dollar to make / They never listen to a thing that we say anyway / Spent all my time and money making mistakes / Now I’m behind on peace of mind, I just might run away / Life ain’t always left up to what we decidе / Some days it takes a little morе to survive.”

The Watts singer and Inglewood rapper share some of the ways they blow their cares away by indulging in substances that help them to self-medicate, meditate and elevate. The song brilliantly samples and interpolates Xscape’s 1995 cover of The Jones Girls‘ “Who Can I Run To” to enhance the mood of the track. Instead of finding solace in someone, however, Dixon and D Smoke prefer to get high to get by.

D Smoke recently invited Kenyon on stage to join him to perform “Get High, Get By” during his set at UnRestricted Live, a Los Angeles live music concert series that showcases fresh talent highlighting R&B, hip-hop, soul and jazz. Kenny was pretty stoked about it, tweeting on Saturday night, “LA got the first live performance of ‘Get High, Get By’ last night. Love to my bro @DSmoke for having me.” 

Mr. Kenny Got Soul has also been on Twitter getting his followers hyped up, whether he’s speaking his mind about R&B singers or dropping hints about his new album and teasing the release date. Chatter about the latter leads us to believe that the soulman may be dropping his follow-up to last year’s Expectations sometime soon.

While we do our best to hold on until such time comes, vibe out to Kenyon Dixon and D Smoke’s “Get High, Get By” below and add the song to your collections and playlists from a number of digital music providers.

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