Justine Skye Has Some Harsh Words For Her Ex On 'What A Lie'

Photo Credit: Justine Skye/YouTube

It's often said that you should never date a musician lest you end up the subject of a not-so-flattering song. That seems to be the case for "In My Bag" songstress Justine Skye. The singer has decided to put her real life into her music, detailing her heartbreak from a recent breakup with a former flame whom she doesn't name directly (but we all know is "Heartbreak Anniversary" singer Giveon) and airing out his shady ways in her latest single "What A Lie."

Justine doesn't sugarcoat things in "What A Lie," instead opting to get right down to business over the song's acoustic guitar melody. "User / What a user / A blessing learned in lessons / A season for entertaining leeches / My poison turned into your 'Peaches,'" she sings at the song's beginning while referencing the GRAMMY-nominated collaboration with Justin Bieber in which Giveon was involved. The singer goes on to deliver even more scathing remarks on their time together, with the most damning perhaps being, "What kind of man makes you part of his marketing plan?"

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Though you can hear the bitterness dripping from Justine's every word, the visual for the track seems a lot more playful. The singer dons a gauzy skirt as she seemingly takes over an event space while getting out every one of her feelings. The anger is still palpable (she even literally chews glass in one scene), but by video's end she's all smiles amid the tears with very little f**ks to give.

Perhaps coincidentally, Giveon has a new song coming next week called "Lie Again." While many think it might be an answer to "What A Lie," Justine Skye recently reassured fans with a snarky tweet. "I already know what this weak ass song sounds like anyway," she wrote. "[I]t’s not what y’all think it’ll be."

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Clearly there's no love lost between the two ex-lovebirds anymore. Get Justine's side of things when you listen to "What A Lie" and watch its video below.

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