Josh Levi Happily Leaves A Toxic Relationship Behind In 'VICES'

Photo Credit: Josh Levi/Instagram

At times it can be difficult to let go of what no longer serves or is good for us. But on his new single "VICES," Houston native Josh Levi has zero trouble doing so. He testifies how truly refreshing it can feel to cut ties with an ex and not look back. 

Levi opens the track by confessing that it has not been as challenging as one might think to go without communicating with a former love. It's apparent in his lyrics that his former love interest brought more toxicity into his life than he’d like to admit, and he is happy to finally be rid of it. 

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“I been / Putting down my vices / And I’m having a good time alone / Losing you / Lowered all of the prices / It’s so affordable to be alone," he croons on the chorus. It's evident Josh is willing to sacrifice the cost of this past relationship, realizing there is no price you can put on mental health, sanity, peace and self-love.

Josh Levi's "VICES" is a reminder that sometimes it’s not always best to try and get that old thing back; sometimes it’s best to drop it and leave it where it lays.  

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Levi has been seeing an immense amount of success since his appearance on season 3 of The X Factor at the age of 16 back in 2013. He has since landed a deal with Issa Rae’s all audio everywhere company Raedio in August of last year and contributed the song "What's The Use" to Insecure's season 5 soundtrack. Most recently, Josh has voiced one of the members of the fictional animated boy band 4*Town in the Disney and Pixar movie Turning Red

"VICES" is the first single from Josh Levi's anticipated EP Disc Two, the follow-up to his 2020 EP Disc One. Stream or download the single on all major music platforms. Choose self-love and self-care by streaming "VICES" and watching its lyric video below. 

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