Jon Vinyl & Avry Seek Reciprocity In 'Favours'

Photo Credit: Jon Vinyl/Facebook

Following the release of his break-up anthem "Don’t Care," Jon Vinyl returns with another moody relationship-focused single. On “Favours,” the singer-songwriter finds himself maneuvering through the complexities of love. Jon is accompanied by fellow Canadian Avry on his first-ever collaboration.

Over a bed of emotional keys and moving guitar riffs, Vinyl and Avry sing of mixed signals and mounting frustration. Their tone is reflective yet resolute as they sing, “Is it something that I need or is it not? / I’ll do favours for you when I’m on the clock / Changing my opinions when we talk,” in unison on the chorus.

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Though the song’s theme of a relationship sans reciprocity is a bit solemn, Jon notes its creation as pleasurable. He explains, “Working with Avry has been an incredible experience and we’re really happy to have developed a song that truly combines our talents sonically and lyrically. We feel the record echoes the aching familiarity when one realizes that their efforts are not being reciprocated, but they also find it too difficult to move on. We hope everyone enjoys it as much as we did making it.”

Though we’ve long since noted a trend in the topics Jon Vinyl tackles through his music, it seems that channeling such pain through his creativity has proven to be more therapeutic than triggering. 

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Listen to Jon Vinyl and Avry collab on “Favours” below, and see if it's more therapy or a trigger for you. Add the track to your collection from your preferred digital platform, and if you somehow haven’t already, be sure to check out Jon’s 2021 EP Lost In You, as well as Avry’s single "Foreign," which dropped earlier this year.

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