Givēon Can't Face The Truth On 'Lie Again'

Photo Credit: Giveon/Instagram

Givēon might have been on front street last week when former flame Justine Skye decided to air him out with her single "What A Lie." He seems to be taking the drama in stride, however, as the singer focuses instead on his own career. To that effect, he returns to follow up his last single "For Tonight" with his latest "Lie Again."

Though the similar title may sound like a retort to Justine, the song doesn't seem to have anything to do with that messy situation. Instead, Givēon uses the slow-burning song to play the role of a man whose ego isn't strong enough to withstand the bitter truth of what's really going down.

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"Too honest to me / This time it's OK / To lie to my face / Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah," he sings over the song's slow and simple arrangement. "Don't want you to say it / Just let me think it's / Only been me / Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah." Why he refuses to acknowledge what's truly going on is anyone's guess, but he pours a palpable hurt into the vocals that makes his plea quite sympathetic.

The song's video shows Givēon walking in the middle of a street with little regard for his own safety (perhaps hinting at how dangerous it is to live in the delusion he's asking for). Things get a little fantastical, though, as every sign is emblazoned with his name (and if you look closely at the signs, there might be a revelation as to what his album's title will be — and the streets literally light up for him whenever the song swells to the chorus. Eventually, he hops in a car as day breaks and we get a glimpse of someone who might be his girl kissing another guy as he passes by.

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"'Lie Again' is a story about the internal war with oneself, battling the acceptance of the ugly truth, and the refusal to embrace the ghosts of your lover’s past," Givēon said of the song in a statement. "Detailing the complexities of overlooking red flags to remain blissfully ignorant in the name of love."

Check out a stream of "Lie Again" below, where you'll also find the song's video and a lyric video just in case you wanted to sing along.

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