FKA twigs Pulls Off A Hat Trick With A Trio Of 'CAPRISONGS' Visuals

Photo Credit: FKA twigs/YouTube

You know who's been busy? Our girl FKA twigs. The British sensation is committed to bringing us a visual for every song from her mixtape CAPRISONGS, and she's been pretty successful. She most recently gave us a little bump and wine in the clip for "papi bones." Now she's back with not one, not two but three new videos from the set.

First up is "which way," which is already a beautiful song that points out the confusion of being lost in life. The grainy clip embodies the playful spirit of the song as we see twigs and her girl gang terrorizing the city streets with their rambunctious gallivanting. They're zooming through streets, up stairs and along the water while seeming to have the time of their lives doing so.

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"oh my love" has a similar grainy feel to it, though this one seems to owe a lot more to the look of VHS recordings and late-night TV commercials. FKA twigs takes us along as she gets her nails did, with the scene familiar to anyone who's visited a nail shop. Meanwhile, we also get shots of the singer filmed like she's in the many posters you'll find among the shop's decor. She's draped in a terry cloth robe and a matching towel around her head and makes sure to show her long, striking nails as she sings of yearning but never shows it. Her nail tech notices though, closing the video with some sage advice.

The last video, "honda," finds FKA twigs being a speed demon while riding through town on a motorbike. No one rides quite like she does, though, as she makes sure to wind and grind for our viewing pleasure (and even puts both legs in the air at one point). The clip consists mostly of tight close-ups of the singer and her body, the wryly seductive smirk she gives the camera only leaving her face long enough to enjoy the bliss of the wind blowing through her hair.

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Each of these clips has its own distinct vibe. Yet we can also see them matching the aesthetic of all the other videos from the project as a whole. How the hell does she do that? We may never know for sure, but we do know that you should watch all three visuals right now.

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