Dylan Sinclair Contemplates What’s To Come In His ‘Lifetime’

Photo Credit: Dylan Sinclair/YouTube

Dylan Sinclair may only be 20 years old, but he already has his mind on the future. The Toronto-based singer-songwriter shares a few of his thoughts on his mellow new single “Lifetime.”

“Lifetime” is about Dylan’s commitment to stay grounded, despite the strong gravitational pull to change as he gains popularity and fame. He questions his ability to stay true to himself, when he sings, “Will I be enough for a lifetime? / I’m not insecure, I’m just saying ‘cause / In this world I’m in things are changing / Might be famous one day.” With the young artist being touted as one of the next big things in R&B, life is definitely coming at him fast.

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Sinclair’s smooth falsetto is more than capable of carrying a song, but he still gets solid support from acoustic guitar, strings and a touch of bass. Ths song was co-produced by Rowan and frequent collaborator Jordon Manswell.

The music video for “Lifetime” uses a slow-motion cinematic style throughout and opens with an airplane ascending into the sky, on its way to an unknown destination. We see a playground near an apartment complex through a chain-link fence and then a black sedan’s rear wheels as it slows to a stop. Dylan is in the driver’s seat with a friend riding shotgun and they pull up on another friend who daps them up.

As Dylan begins singing, we see him walking around his neighborhood, taking in his surroundings and possibly pondering how his life is about to change. When he’s not solo and lost in thought, he’s seen hanging with his homies but he remains chill and contemplative. The video ends with a visual of the same plane in the sky. We observe Dylan and his friends watching it as we hear a voiceover of the flight’s captain welcoming the passengers to Toronto. 

Hit play on Dylan Sinclair’s “Lifetime” audio and video below to take it all in. “Lifetime” is the latest single from Sinclair’s forthcoming EP No Longer In The Suburbs, which is scheduled to drop on Wednesday, May 11th. Stream and/or purchase the single from your preferred digital music service now.

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