Doechii Shows Us Just How 'Persuasive' She Can Be

Photo Credit: Doechii/YouTube

SZA is no longer the only lady on the TDE roster. The prestigious hip-hop label recently got more female energy on its team with the signing of rising star Doechii, and she's coming in hot with her new single "Persuasive.'

The rapper/vocalist flexes the unique flavor she'll be bringing to TDE on her single. "Persuasive" melds R&B, hip-hop and house effortlessly with a groove that is hard to deny. It starts off with percolating drums and a watery synth sound as she slowly introduces it with snippets of the chorus. She then kicks things into full gear when the kick drums hit, singing, "She's so persuasive / That marijuana / She so flirtatious / How does it feel to be you?"

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As she describes a time that goes from lowkey to turnt in a matter of seconds, the young artist makes a case for her to be grouped alongside visionary hip-hop stars like Missy Elliott and others. Then the song shocks our senses and flips into a house groove before it comes to a close, sprinkling a bit of ballroom influence in for good measure.

Doechii also proves to be just as creative visually as she is musically with the song's video. We see her in a bevy of out-there outfits — from barely there black leather to a gauzy, heavenly black number and a futuristic Josephine Baker-inspired look — that are simply next level. But the clip also contains some amazing shots and set-ups that let us know she'll be one to watch for years to come.

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If you've been looking for your next new obsession, allow Doechii to persuade you to look no further. Stream "Persuasive" right here and then (repeatedly) watch her eye-popping video below.

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